Success Story

Ost Fish Ltd
 Ost Fish Ltd
  • 45 tons of sturgeon meat
  • 4 tons of sturgeon caviar
  • 1,8 Investment amount billion tenge
Within the framework of the Business Support Map of East Kazakhstan region, the project has been implemented on production of caviar and fish fillet of sturgeons of Bester hybrid of Ost Fish Ltd, located in Saratovka settlement, Ulan district of East Kazakhstan region. The project’s capacity provides production of 45 tons of sturgeons’ fillet and 4 tons of caviar of sturgeons per year. Production of the enterprise enables to replace completely the import production of foreign producers by quality, and in due course - by quantity. 

The project manager is Alchinbayev Rashid Galbilmalikovich.

Objective and idea of the project: applying modern technologies on breeding of sturgeons and production of qualitative products, and their getting to the market of Kazakhstan and outside.

The amount of investments: KZT1,8 billion.

Put into operation: in 2016.

Workplaces: during operation: 25 persons;

Target market: the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad.

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