Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation Astana Joint Stock Company is the regional development institution the sole shareholder of which is the Akimat of Nur-Sultan.

The idea to establish social and entrepreneurial corporations in Kazakhstan belongs to the President of our country. There were established companies consolidating a number of state assets and aimed to develop business initiatives on the sites in a similar way to developed countries. Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation Astana Joint Stock Company was established in 2006 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the corporation through its continuing activity ensures the favorable conditions for the further development of entrepreneurship through consolidation of the public and private sectors, contributes to single economic market creation based on the cluster approach, provides a favorable economic environment for investments and innovations attracting to our region, participates in programs development and implementation focused on social development of the region.

The Company carries out socially significant investment projects in consort with strategic partners, analyzes the projects submitted for consideration, thereat determining the most acceptable and effective ways of their implementation.

Presently, the assets portfolio of SEC Astana JSC consists of 7 affiliated and related entities performing their activity in various sectors.

14 floor, “Izumrudniy Kvartal” Business Center, 8 Kunayev Str., Nur-Sultan.
Telephone: 55-29-93
Fax: 55-29-89

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