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TuzkolMunayGas Operating

The project for the construction of a gas turbine power plant at the Western Tuzkol field was implemented by Tuzkol Munai Gas Operating LLP and Petro Kazakhstan Inc., which was commissioned in 2019.

The construction of the power plant was started on December 5, 2018. Construction and installation work was carried out by Trans Asia Construction LLP.

The capacity of the power plant is 16.5 MW, however, the installed process equipment is designed taking into account the expansion of the facility up to 25 MW. The operating mode of the power plant is continuous, year-round, round the clock.

The cost of the facility is 9.345 billion tenge.

The construction of the power plant is aimed at solving problems related to environmental safety in oil fields. Prior to this, associated gas was flared during oil production, and now it will be processed into electricity at a gas turbine power plant.

The supply of the main equipment was made from the USA - gas turbine generators (Solar Turbines) and a fuel gas treatment unit (EML), China - gas compressor units (Jereh). The rest of the equipment is produced in Russia and Kazakhstan.

This power plant will provide electricity to all facilities at the Western Tuzkol and Ketekazgan fields, that is, shift camps, wells, pumping stations, oil preparation sites. There are two dormitories for fifty people each and a canteen where seventy-five people can dine at the same time.


In 2010, 94 kilometers north of the Sulutobe station in the Syrdarya region in the Tuzkol tract, an oil field called "Western Tuzkol" was discovered. It is located in the Aryskum trough, part of the South Turgai oil and gas region, which is part of the Aral-Turgai oil and gas province. Oil reserves were then estimated at 1.1 million tons, and twice as much has already been produced.

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